We understand it can be difficult to pay for dental care if you do not currently have insurance. To help those who are in this situation, we have researched and developed our very own membership plan, Plan for Health!


Plan For Health
Here at Walton Dental Care, we strongly believe that oral health needs to be a priority for everyone. Without regular dental care, your teeth and smile can suffer damaging effects. Our Plan for Health is designed to make keeping your smile healthy and affordable.

How It Works
During your visit, visit our front desk to enroll in your own membership program. After you enroll, you will receive all the benefits your plan offers, such as 15% off all restorative treatments from our dentists and 10% off all dental products you purchase here in our office.

The membership fee is payable in full at time of enrollment, and the benefits of this plan are only applicable to services received in our office.

If you have any questions about our membership plan or would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kevin Lacour, Dr. Taylor Farr or Dr. Stuart Knight, please call our office today at 770-267-2301 and learn more about dental care in Monroe, Georgia.

Enroll Now!