Is Your Child Suffering from Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

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Is your child suffering from baby bottle tooth decay? Baby bottle tooth decay is often caused by prolonged exposure of an infant’s teeth to enamel-eating products like sugar. Many products are often introduced to the child through drinks found in their baby bottles, hence the name of the disorder.

Listed below are a few tips and tactics to prevent baby bottle tooth decay from affecting your child:

– By the time your child is roughly 6 months old, their first teeth will begin to erupt above the gumline and be visible in their mouth for the first time, at which time they must be cleaned and cared for daily to ensure decay does not occur.

– Baby bottle tooth decay is frequently caused by sugary drinks, such as sugar water, sports drinks, juices, soda, and flavored water, which are given to children in their baby bottles, as it can erode their tooth enamel and can pool in their mouths while they sleep.

– Baby bottle tooth decay can be produced by flavoring or coating the lid to a bottle or a pacifier with a sugary substance intended to get the child to use the product, such as honey.

– If you share any utensils, cleaning products, bottles, or other objects from your mouth to your infant’s, contamination will occur, which will send new bacteria to their mouth.

– When preparing toothpaste for your young child’s teeth, use a dab about the size of a rice grain, and make sure it is fluoride free and approved by your dentist or features the ADA Seal of Acceptance.

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