Diabetes and Gum Disease

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Research has proven that there is a connection between diabetes and periodontal or gum disease. A chronically high glucose or sugar level in your blood can strengthen bacteria in a compromised immune system and cause problems for your oral health. For this reason, if you have diabetes, it is terribly important to maintain good oral health habits.

Damaging plaque forms from the bacteria in your mouth and makes a sticky film on and between your teeth and gums, especially along the gum line. If ignored, it will harden and become tartar, the substance that your dental hygienist removes during your cleaning. Plaque and tartar can both cause infection in your gums which can lead to gingivitis and full-blown periodontitis.

The early symptoms of gum disease include gums that bleed easily or are sore; gums that are deep red in color instead of pink, and swollen or sensitive gums. If you have diabetes, protect yourself be doing the following:

-Maintain control of your diabetes and check your glucose levels often.

-Faithfully take your diabetes medication and adjust it when recommended by your doctor/endocrinologist.

-Inform your dentist about your diabetes and then make regular dental visits for professional cleanings.

-Brush twice a day with a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

-Floss at least once a day to reach those places brushing cannot.

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