Dental Crowns Can Enhance Your Appearance and Improve Your Oral Health

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If you have one stubborn tooth that takes the functionality as well as the beauty away from your smile, then it’s time to think about restoring and enhancing your tooth with a dental crown. A dental crown, which is also known as a tooth cap, can fix a misshapen, discolored, decayed, fractured and worn-down tooth.

To help you know a little more about this beneficial dental restoration, Dr. Kevin Lacour and our dental team would like to tell you all about the process involved in placing a dental crown.

When starting your treatment, Dr. Kevin Lacour will numb your mouth and prepare the tooth that is receiving the dental crown. To prepare the tooth, they will shave the tooth’s outer shell to make room for the cap.

Once your tooth is the perfect shape and size, your dentist will make an impression of your tooth and the surrounding area and will send that impression to a professional dental lab. The lab technicians will make a dental crown that fits perfectly in your smile. During this process, your dentist will give you a temporary crown so that tooth can remain functional while you wait for your new crown.

When your new crown is ready and sent back to our office, you will come back into Walton Dental Care to get it placed over your tooth. During this appointment, your dentist will make sure the new crown is perfect by checking the size, shape, and color. If it exceeds expectations, they will secure it over the tooth with dental-grade cement.

Now that you know all about dental crowns in Monroe, Georgia, it’s time to call Walton Dental Care at 770-267-2301 and schedule an appointment to see if a dental crown is the best restoration for you! Our dental team will be thrilled to meet with you, examine your mouth and determine if a crown is perfect for your smile. If it is, we’ll take the necessary steps to give you the improved and enhanced tooth you are looking for!