Your First Visit

Committing to your oral health is an extremely important lifetime decision. On your first visit, you'll be asked to complete a detailed dental and medical history. A copy of your insurance card and any other information needed for your initial visit will also be completed then.

Your information and patient confidentiality is very important to us. You'll meet with Dr. Miller or Dr. Hedrick in the privacy of our consult room to review your medical and dental history, as well as the reason for your first visit.

You'll then receive a comprehensive dental exam followed by any necessary recommendations concerning your oral health. Future appointments will be scheduled as needed. Scheduling an appointment allows us to set aside the right amount of time for your procedure, and ultimately that ensures that you receive the best possible care from our staff.

Dr. Larry J. Miller and his staff are committed to providing the best family dental care possible for all of Monroe, Good Hope, Social Circle and other Walton County areas. Specializing in sedation dentistry, oral sedation, dental care and cosmetic dentistry. Call Us Today for all your family dentist needs.