Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation Dentistry utilizes one of the oldest methods of drug administration, the mouth. When various medications are used properly, a deeper relaxation can occur even with an added bonus of an amnesic effect.
If you suffer more from just the THOUGHT of going to the dentist than actually being there, then Oral Sedation Dentistry might be the choice for you.
After an initial consultation which includes taking your health history and vital signs, a prescription for a benzodiazepine will be given to you. The dentist will review with you the special details on how this medication is to be taken to achieve the best results.
During your dental treatment, you will feel relaxed and drowsy. The dental team will continue to monitor your vital signs throughout your progression of care. Headphones may be an option for you. You may choose to listen to spa like music to assist you in deepening your relaxed state. Sleep may or may not occur but you will remain in control of your breathing at all times. After treatment is completed, someone will have to drive you home where you may find additional comfort in taking a relaxing nap in your own bed for an hour or two.
Donít let anxiety keep you from having the smile and dental care you need or want. Our team will assist you with dealing with your fears