Nitrous Oxide Sedation

At Walton Dental Care, we treat you the patient first and your mouth second. Along with many sedation options that we offer, Nitrous Oxide, (Laughing Gas), is one of the safest and easiest to administer and can help ease anxiety, fear, and even calm a gag reflex. It can be given for all dental treatments including routine hygiene cleaning appointments.
The gas is administered through a small rubber hood that rests on your nose. While breathing in and out through your nose, you will feel warm, secure, and relaxed. You never drop into deep sedation and you are always aware of your surroundings.
A lot of patients request a6 pack to go! Once the gas is turned off, you continue to breathe pure oxygen for about 5 minutes after which time you return to a non-sedated state and are able to drive and or return to your daily activities.