Mouth Guards

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Walton Dental Care takes a strong stand on protecting precious teeth. Both adult and children put their teeth at risk when participating in athletic events. Unfortunately, Dr. Miller and Dr. Hedrick have had to see many patients on an emergency basis, due to trauma to the mouth related to a sports injury.

Both children and adults need to have the added protection to their mouth that a mouth guard can bring. Not only does it help to save teeth, it also aids in the protection of bones and facial joints.   

Our mouth guards are custom fabricated to fit the precise dimension of the jaw and mouth which ultimately serves for better protection and ease of wear and comfort. A dental impression is made of the mouth and within a few hours, the mouth guard is ready to wear.  We even allow colorful choice selections to help make the appliance more personalized and can make them in favorite team and school colors.   

Yes, our prices are a true bargain for what can possibly save someone hundreds to thousands of dollars. We are passionate about saving teeth and hate to see the broken teeth that could've  easily been prevented by wearing a protective appliance. Call our office today to schedule this 20 minute  appointment. 770-267-2301

Specializing in mouth guards for for all of Monroe, Good Hope, Social Circle and other Walton County areas. Call Us Today for all your mouth guard needs.