" I have been to several different doctor's offices and one of the first things that impressed me was the cleanliness and neatness of this office. Dr. Miller and the staff are both professional. When my son had to get his tooth numb for a filling, he said that he never felt a thing. "
~Glori Hunter

" I've been a patient of Dr. Miller's for many years. He is very special and truly cares for his patients. A few years ago, on Thanksgiving Eve night, I developed a terrible toothache. I had plans to fly on an airplane the next day so Dr. Miller and his wife came into the office, after hours, and fixed my tooth."
~Fran Richardson

" I've always been apprehensive about going to the dentist, but I must say that Dr. Miller is very gentle and does not rush me through any procedures. His staff is efficient and makes me feel comfortable as well."
~Vickie Ray

"At the age of 16, my Mother finally took me to a dentist that didn't hurt me. Up until that time, I had memories of unpleasant experiences in the dental chair. When this dentist retired, I was concerned that I would never find a one that could replace him. I had heard good things about Dr. Miller so I hesitantly started going to him. I've now been with him for 29 years and he has never hurt me."
~Sandi Donahoo

" I've just started going to Dr. Miller, Walton Dental Care, and have been very pleased with this office professionalism."
~Russell Spivey

" I visit Walton Dental care every 6 months for regular cleaning appointments. His staff is very punctual about getting me seated and getting my treatment started on time. To me it is an asset to know that your time is valued and appreciated. The staff are efficient, professional and very personable."
~Jan White

" Dr. Miller is the best dentist ever.. He came to the rescue of my 82 year old mother-in-law on the Sunday before Christmas. He gave up his afternoon to do emergency dental work for her and we are so grateful! She was very scared, and he was kind, gental and went beyond the call of duty. We will now see Dr. Miller for all of our dental needs and encourage our friends to do the same!
Thanks again Dr. Miller!
~Cheryl Cox