Perfectly Polished

    During orthodontic treatment, caring for your teeth can be challenging; brackets, bands and wires can be difficult to work around.  These fixtures create areas for food particles and plaque to hide.  This can lead to teeth decay, gum disease and demineralized areas, which will effect the terrific smile your braces were meant to create.

    The number one way to prevent dental problems during and after orthodontic treatment is to have great homecare.  We have established a program, Perfectly Polished, designed for patients undergoing orthodontic treatment to help keep their mouths free from plaque and cavities.

    In addition to your routine cleaning and exam, you will see the hygienist every six to eight weeks (to be determined by the hygienist and doctor), for a polishing procedure that will reduce the amount of plaque accumulation around the brackets, wires and bands. 

    This service is provided to all of our patients undergoing orthodontic treatment for a minimal fee (not to be filed with insurance).  Talk with our front office staff to schedule your Perfectly Polished appointment today!