Join The "No†Cavity Club"

Good oral hygiene care learned at an early age will help prevent serious problems later. Your child may need some help brushing until† they acquire the dexterity needed to brush all of their teeth properly.

Encourage them to brush after they eat, and floss at least once a day. Choose a tarter control toothpaste to keep plaque from building up on your child's teeth. Fluoride in the toothpaste can also strengthen the exposed outer enamel of the child's teeth and help prevent cavities. Your pediatrician may also recommend that fluoride be added as a vitamin supplement† beginning as early as 6 months.

When Does the Tooth Fairy Come?

When your child is about six or seven years old, their six-year molars will grow in behind the baby teeth at the back of their mouth. These are the first adult (permanent) teeth that your child will have. Most children begin losing their baby teeth around age six. If their teeth came in early, most likely they will begin loosing them earlier. Baby teeth fall out in about the same order they came in. The two front teeth (central incisors) at the bottom fall out, followed by the central incisors at the top. Then they fall out in order from front to back, starting on the bottom and then the top.

The teeth next to the central incisors (the lateral incisors) fall out on the bottom first, and then on the top. Canines on the bottom will fall out next, followed by canines on the top. Most baby teeth have fallen out by age twelve. Wisdom teeth (third molars), come in between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one. When these teeth don't erupt normally, they may remain impacted and eventually need to be removed.

Children generally wiggle their baby teeth loose with their tongue or fingers and eventually loosen it enough to fall out on its own. If it's not loosening sufficiently on it's own, the dentist may suggest extracting it. A habit of practicing good dental hygiene, and eating a well balanced diet will help prevent the loss of baby teeth prematurely. Baby teeth lost too early can cause permanent teeth to erupt prematurely and come in crooked because of limited space.